November 21, 2012 | Filed Under Luke 

Trying to capture a few cute Pookie-isms while I can remember them…

  • Every pillow is a “pillow pet” pronounced PEE-low
  • When asked a question, he’ll answer “I don’t know either.” Obviously if I’m asking, I don’t know!
  • He completely resists any prompting to be a big boy. “No, I’s baby. Ben big boy. Sammy leetle like me.”
  • Sometimes instead of a plain baby, he’s a “baby ewok!”
  • His favorite shirt is his “Yions shirt.” Touchdown :-)
  • He has to choose his own “puh-js” His favorites are footballs, or boats, or big trucks.
  • So many more, but for now, pictures. He orders “Mama, take peek-tures”
    Sammy had to jump in too. My favorite is the shot with Sam’s finger up his nose.
    A common morning site, Lukie watching Mickey Mouse (his favorite) eating his “cer-e-os.” He also loves “nola” and “ola bars”.
    Terrible pictures, but he’s hugging his dog. LOVES his dogs:
    Reading, a favorite activity, with a pee-low pet and his lions shirt.


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